Different perspective.


Aerial view makes your video cool, attractive and unusual. We offer you a different work than you're used to.

We can film or take pictures of literally anything, but we love to film action. Stunts, cars, sport. Anything in motion. If you like our work, feel free to contact us.

discover the difference.

of aerial point of view.

Stunning autumn.

Beacon of faith.


Rotorkopf isn't huge. But able.

Vlastimil Hrach

Ministry of transport.

Passion for action filming. Love high altitudes, flies at the edge of legality. Uses mostly Phantom 3 professional.

Jakub Steiner

Red Hat

High velocity flight just inches above ground. Regardless of the quad size, Jakub enjoys defying the laws of gravity with over 2 years of acrobatic flying experience.

Together they fight crime!

fly hard. go aerial.